A rare opportunity for 'me-time'

Our recent research into Active travel, conducted with Run Friendly, set out to identify and analyse the health and well-being benefits afforded by different travel modes. Conducting the research and evaluating the responses revealed some fascinating insight into the different types of commuter that exist.

One group we specifically identified was the New Parents. With complete round the clock devotion to their new addition, these parents have no time for their old exercise routines. Priorities have changed and home time comes first. However, the commute offers a seldom opportunity for ‘me-time’ and with it, a welcome opportunity to exercise.

The insight:

For new parents, active travel can be an extremely welcome and rare opportunity to exercise.

One study finds that children influence the cycling habits of parents, especially the daily travel of mothers.

Active travel can be an enabler to regaining pre-parenthood fitness levels for new mums and dads.

Enjoying the benefits of active travel does not require a one-size fits all approach. Whatever your commuter type and style there are ways to unlock the active travel potential in your daily commute.

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Mark Anderson